Like most of us, I began to realize how bad sugar was for my health. By exploring the issue further I was shocked to see how much sugar I was consuming every day. This was the beginning of my path to becoming a concerned consumer and being aware of what my family and I drank and ate. Not long after having my sugar epiphany, the idea of trying to do something beyond being an advocate to friends was born. I now took it more seriously. As far as one's health is concerned, there is a lot of truth in the phrase-“You are what you eat”.

    When associates came to me and proposed that we work together to create a line of drinks that the whole family could enjoy and that it not only would taste great but was good for you, I smiled broadly while mentioning-“and the drink would have no sugar added”?

    I believed the idea had merit and decided I would provide my full support in creating a new line of healthy alternatives to sugary, carbonated soft drinks and caffeine-loaded energy drinks. Dedicated and energized to produce a great tasting, healthy, vitamin enriched natural drink; we drew up a "Declaration of Principles" for us to follow:

  • The "Broadway Joe" Drink Declaration of Principles

        Create a drink that is good for you without sacrificing taste.

        Create a drink that the whole family would enjoy.

        Create flavors that taste great, are thirst quenching and don't have an after taste.

        Create a drink with no preservatives.

        Create a drink made with juice and essential vitamins.

        Create a drink with no sugar added.

        Create a drink that is low in calories.

        Create a natural drink that energizes you without caffeine and the

  •           caffeine jitters.

        Create a line of drinks in which all the flavors in the line have the same

  •           nutritional vitamin value.


    It took well over a year to develop the healthy, great tasting, vitamin enriched "Broadway Joe" Drink line. There were many challenges along the way but my associates and I are proud to say that we met or exceeded all our “Declaration of Principles” and would like to present our product for your approval.


Contact Email: info@broadwayjoesdrink.com